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    This book is absolutely phenomenal

    This book is absolutely phenomenal. I wept as I read it because I could feel Jesus all throughout the entire book. My heart grew closer and closer to my Lord every time I would open this book. The author has an amazing and in-depth knowledge of the Word of God. She would bring scripture throughout the entire book. Joy was increasing in my heart every time I would open the pages and read more. I found my self wishing I had more time throughout the day to just sit and read this book. The author helped stir up my faith and I found that my heart was longing to spend more and more time in the Word of God. I loved how the author shared about her life and then also shared about her love of cooking. She brought it throughout the entire book and it was absolutely so wonderful. I loved how the book was like a recipe and was giving instructions for my life and how to spend time with Jesus. It helped encouraged my faith to believe for all of my loved ones. I write this with tears in my eyes because of the impact this book was in my life. The human being who wrote this book must be an amazing individual because she made it so personal. I loved reading about her life growing up. Please please please get this book and take the time to read it and let your heart come back to life again. My heart feels like someone put one of those shock pads on it and helped it beat again to enjoy life in Jesus. I'm not sure if the author will ever see this but if they do I just want to thank them for all of their hard sacrifice and time to write this book and help my heart best full of joy again. Thank you... thank you... thank you!

    Missy Simms

    April 26

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    I cannot offer everyone a personally signed copy, but after thinking it over, I decided, why not? I can at least offer a signed copy and personal note to those who are first to get the book. 

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    Igniting Joy Heals the Soul

    This is a book that inspires hope for personal healing and growth. The author takes us on a journey of faith from midwestern small town through trials and spiritual growth, to a place of healing joy that overcomes. She shares recipes of nourishing food, and food for the soul with helpful scriptures. Through her words of encouragement and inspiration, I am left with the desire to know God better and seek deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Beautifully written with charming stories and powerful images, I will read again and again and share with others how this message of joy defeats discouragement and heals broken hearts.

    Ms. Minnesota

    April 27

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