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Are you concerned about the state of your marriage? Not sure what next to do?

Are You living with an unsaved partner and desire for God to intervene?

Are you ready to release fears and have hope for your partner and your future?

Do not dwell on the past for God will do a new thing through you. Isaiah 48:18-19

Let Dianne show you how to deepen your faith and trust in Jesus.

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About Dianne

While writing this book I rewrote it three times. During those revisions I came to realize my prayers were not about what I need to do to change my husband, but about what I need to be...

I did not need him to change, I needed to be changed - it was me!

I was in total judgement

Dianne shares her passion for Jesus as a recipe for renewal shifting unbelievers in your life to love the Lord. Read on ...


Dianne will take you on her journey sprinkled with gems of
wisdom and hope through the Seven Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer to:

  • Shift Your Partner to Walk With the Lord

  • Become a Carrier of His Joy

  • Awaken to the Power of the Holy Spirit

  • Release Fear Through the Living Word

  • Discover the DNA of God

  • Transform your life with new disciplines

  • Cooking, Stories, and Jesus

    Dianne exists to serve by Igniting Joy in others!

    Growing up in the 40s and 50s in the small Kansas farming town of Holyrood gave her a foundation of trust and Jesus's mandate of "Love your Neighbor" values. The quiet kindness of her parents, Frank and Agnes Jurenka led her to serve others at a young age. Dianne is a lover of Yeshua/Jesus. He came first through the rose wallpaper of her room when she was a little girl. Eye-level this single rose became the flower that blossomed her into joyous expression. Dianne is excited to share her first book to be published. Be sure to follow her for her next novella coming soon! Her original Recipe Novella from 1995 is soon to be a Fund-Raiser for the Ft. Lauderdale Woman's Club where Dianne serves as Membership Chair.

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  • If you are reading this then perhaps you will resonate with the Call of the Lord has placed on Dianne’s life because you are called as well, my friend. Let Dianne guide you through the Seven Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer as the answer to remain content in such a time as this. Let Dianne show you how to deepen your faith and trust in Jesus. Imagine seeing your life’s choices from a new and higher perspective to bring further healing to your heart and soul. 

  • Every chapter starts with my cooking experiences — recipe at the back

    Stories about cooking — Jesus was that way too. He always taught with stories.

    The Lord is the answer to Everything


    There is no need to re-invent truth, but this book presents a new way to look at the Truth

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